Best of the Independent Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2012

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Edited by Julia Voss, Beverly Moss, Steve Parks, Brian Bailie, Heather Christiansen, and Stephanie Ceraso

Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition Series
Edited by Steve Parks, Brian Bailie, and Jessica Pauszek

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978-1-60235-495-1 (Paperback; $32); 978-1-60235-496-8 (Adobe eBook; $20). 320 pages with illustrations, notes, and bibliographies. © 2014 by Parlor Press. Individual essays in this book have been reprinted with permission of the respective copyright owners.

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The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2012 represents the result of a nationwide conversation—beginning with journal editors, but expanding to teachers, scholars and workers across the discipline of Rhetoric and Composition—to select essays that showcase the innovative and transformative work now being published in the field's independent journals. Representing both print and digital journals in the field, the essays featured here explore issues ranging from classroom practice to writing in global and digital contexts, from writing workshops to community activism. Together, the essays provide readers with a rich understanding of the present and future direction of the field.

In addition to the introduction by Julia Voss and Beverly Moss, the anthology features work by the following authors and representing these journals: Jamie White-Farnham (Community Literacy Journal), Noah R. Roderick (Composition Forum), Kate Pantelides and Mariaelena Bartesaghi (Composition Studies), Heidi A. McKee (Computers and Composition), Rex Veeder (Enculturation), Matthew Pavesich (Journal of Basic Writing), Kelly S. Bradbury (The Journal of Teaching Writing), Derek N. Mueller (Kairos), Richard H. Thames (KB Journal), Jeanne Marie Rose (Pedagogy), and Melvette Melvin Davis (Reflections).

About the Editors

Steve Parks is Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Syracuse University. He is the author of Class Politics: The Movement for a Students’ Right To Their Own Language 2e (Parlor Press, 2013) and Gravyland: Writing Beyond the Curriculum in the City of Brotherly Love. With Paula Mathieu and Tiffany Rousculp, he co-edited Circulating Communities: The Tactics and Strategies of Community Publishing. Working with Samantha Blackmon and Cristina Kirklighter, he has co-edited Listening to our Elders: Writing and Working for Change, a research project supported by NCTE. He has also published in College English, Journal of College Composition and Communication, and Community Literacy Journal. Over the past ten years, he has directed New City Community Press (

Brian Bailie is a PhD candidate in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric program at Syracuse University. His work focuses on the intersections of protest and media, technology and transnationalism, identity and material rhetoric, and the ways activists exploit, expand, resist, and utilize these intersections to their advantage. Bailie has served as contributor, associate editor, and special issue editor for Reflections: A Journal of Writing, Service-Learning, and Community Literacy. His most recent publications have appeared in the KB Journal and Composition Forum.

Heather Christiansen is a PhD student in the Rhetoric, Communication and Information Design program at Clemson University. Her research interests include visual rhetoric, the rhetoric of branding, identity, user experience design, consumer behavior and social influence. She currently serves as the managing editor for The WAC Journal.

Beverly J. Moss is an associate professor of English at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  Her scholarly interests focus on literacy in African American community spaces and in composition theory and pedagogy.  Her publications include Everyone’s an Author (co-authored with Andrea Lunsford, Lisa Ede, Carole Clark Papper, and Keith Walters), A Community Text Arises: A Literate Text and A Literacy Tradition in African American Churches, Literacies across Communities (edited collection), and Writing Groups Inside and Outside the Classroom (co-edited with Nels Highberg and Melissa Nicolas).

Stephanie Ceraso received her PhD in English from the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in rhetoric and composition, pedagogy, sound and listening, and digital media. She currently teaches at Georgetown University but will be joining the faculty at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Fall 2014. You can find more about her research, projects, and teaching at

Julia Voss is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Santa Clara University. She teaches classes in college writing and digital composing and studies studies composition and literacy using qualitative methodologies and multimodal presentation formats. Her current projects focus on strategies for teaching digital composing in a constantly-evolving literacy ecology and on the writing practices and pedagogies occurring in different spaces across college campuses.


Steve Parks, Beverly Moss, Julia Voss, Brian Bailie, Heather Christiansen, and Stephanie Ceraso

Community Literacy Journal
1 Rhetorical Recipes: Women’s Literacies In and Out of the Kitchen
Jamie White-Farnham

Composition Forum
2 Analogize This! The Politics of Scale and the Problem of Substance in Complexity-Based Composition
Noah R. Roderick

Composition Studies
3 “So what are we working on?” Pronouns as a Way of Re-Examining Composing
Kate Pantelides and Mariaelena Bartesaghi

Computers and Composition
4 Policy Matters Now and in the Future: Net Neutrality, Corporate Data Mining, and Government Surveillance
Heidi A. McKee

5 Re-reading Marshall McLuhan: Hectic Zen, Rhetoric, and Composition
Rex Veeder

Journal of Basic Writing
6 Reflecting on the Liberal Reflex: Rhetoric and the Politics of Acknowledgment in Basic Writing
Matthew Pavesich

The Journal of Teaching Writing
7 Positioning The Textbook As Contestable Intellectual Space
Kelly S. Bradbury

8 Views from a Distance: A Nephological Model of the CCCC Chairs’ Addresses, 1977-2011
Derek N. Mueller

KB Journal
9 The Meaning of the Motivorum’s Motto: “Ad bellum purificandum” to “Tendebantque manus ripae ulterioris amore
Richard H. Thames

10 Writing Time: Composing in an Accelerated World
Jeanne Marie Rose

11 Daughters Making Sense of African American Young Adult Literature in Out-of-School Zones
Melvette Melvin Davis

About the Editors

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