Customer Service

Parlor Press is dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers--individuals, bookstores, libraries, wholesalers--are fully satisfied with their experience at our site, so we include here information that you may find helpful.

Desk Copy Request Form

Instructors who adopt Parlor Press books for courses may request a desk copy by using this desk copy request form, phone (765.409.2649), fax (206.600.5076), or mail (Parlor Press, 3015 Brackenberry Drive, Anderson, SC 29621). Requests for desk copies should be accompanied by information about the bookstore that will or has placed the order, the number of books ordered, and the course.

Mail or Fax Order Form for Parlor Press Books

Orders in quantity may be eligible for a discount. See "Sales and Ordering" for more information.  Bookstores and other wholesalers should check for eligiblie discounts and may submit purchase order numbers in lieu of payment.

To place an order, please print this order form using our print-friendly version and send or fax it to:

Parlor Press
3015 Brackenberry Dr
Anderson SC 29621

Fax Orders: 206.600.5076 (Attn: David Blakesley)
Phone Orders: 765.409.2649










South Carolina residents include 6% sales tax


Total Remittance


* Shipping charges for mail-in or fax orders from individuals are $3.00 for the first book plus $1.50 for each addtional book. Bookstores and wholesalers will be billed for shipping at UPS Commercial Ground or USPS Media Mail rates.

Payment must accompany orders from individuals or you may charge payment to your credit card:

___  Mastercard      ___VISA      ___ Discover    ___ American Express

Credit Card #


Exp. Date




Security Code (if any)



Billing Address (must match address on credit card; please print clearly)



















Mail To: (Please print clearly; if address is same as billing, leave blank)



















Purchase Order Number (Bookstores and Libraries Only)



Privacy Policy Notice

Parlor Press respects your privacy. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that any personal information you provide to us is used only for the purposes stated below. While the policy presented here concentrates on information collected by the Parlor Press website, it also applies to personal information submitted by other means (mail, fax, phone, order forms, and so on).

Several areas of the Parlor Press online store require that you send us personal information: contact information, including shipping and billing addresses, fax and phone numbers, and email address when making store purchases This information is received offline as well (mail, fax, phone). All credit card information is submitted securely through our payment gateway and managed by PayPal in our Merchant Pro account. Parlor Press does not store credit card numbers, codes, or expiration date information on its website or databases and cannot access that information from PayPal either.

In addition to the primary purpose stated or implied at the time the information is collected, we may use your postal mailing address to send you information about Parlor Press books or news. We do not provide demographic or any other information to third parties.

If you supply an email address, we use it to confirm your order, follow up on a request, etc., as the context determines. We may also use it to keep you informed about Parlor Press books or news. On occasion we may use your email address for a purpose indirectly related to the original context (e.g., emailing a customer satisfaction survey to those who have made purchases from the Parlor Press catalog or in the Parlor Press online store). Parlor Press does not make its email lists available to any third party. Customers will be given the option of opting-out, of course.

Account Members
Because of the special relationship we seek to maintain with those who have signed up for accounts, Parlor Press may send periodic updates and announcements by email. We may also make an occasional phone call (e.g., to clear up a problem with an order or inquire about a lapsed membership). Account membership at the Parlor Press suite of websites is free, and all personal information is protected. Authors, editors, and Parlor Press partners may choose to release this information, depending on the nature of their account.

"Anonymous" Information Collected Online
Generally speaking, you can visit the Parlor Press website without revealing any personal information about yourself. We do keep a record of all server activity, which means that every page, image, or other type of file requested by your browser is written into a log file. Each entry in the log contains, among other things, information about the computer you are using to connect to the Internet (its "IP address") and about your browser (e.g., which version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or other browser you are using). It does not, however, tell us anything about you personally. We use aggregate data from the Web logs to determine how the site resources are being used and to refine its navigational structure. If the need arises, we may use the logs to trace the source of abusive or illicit activity. We do not share our Web logs with any outside party.

A "cookie" is a text file, stored on your computer that includes information that identifies that computer and can be retrieved by our server to create a seamless browsing session. Most cookies used on the Parlor Press site are deleted when your browser is shut down or in a fixed amount of time, whichever occurs sooner.

Several areas of the Parlor Press website use so-called "persistent" cookies. These files are retained on your hard drive after the browser is shut down. For example, the online store uses persistent cookies that contain some personal information that a user has supplied (e.g., first and last name) and shopping cart data (to allow one to resume an interrupted shopping session). Most browsers accept cookies by default. If you set your browser to reject all cookies, these areas and others may not function properly. Most browsers have a setting whereby the browser alerts you when a server attempts to place a cookie on your hard drive; you are given the option of accepting or rejecting it.

Links to Other Websites
The Parlor Press website contains links to other websites. Parlor Press is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites. Check the privacy policy of a website before revealing any personal information.

In certain circumstances, and as an exception to this privacy policy, we may, without notice to you, release information to comply with any valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute or court order, or in other special cases, such as, for example, suspected fraudulent or criminal activity, or an attempt to breach the security of Parlor Press or its website.

Privacy policy Updates
We have tried to create a privacy policy that is comprehensive, readable, and durable. Despite our best efforts, we may find it necessary to revise it. Any changes will be made without prior notice. The current Parlor Press privacy policy will continue to be posted at this address ( If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us.

UPDATED: August 14, 2011

Sales and Ordering

Ordering books directly from Parlor Press

You can order books from Parlor Press in several ways: buy them here, at our online store, send an order form by fax (206.600.5076), email ( or snail mail (see below), or by calling 765.409.2649 with your order information. Parlor Press accepts all major credits cards online and, additionally, checks, money orders, or purchase orders for payment when ordering by mail or fax.

Buying from retailers

Parlor Press books, in both print and eBook format are available through online booksellers, such as, Powells, or Barnes and Noble, and at your local bookstore. All Parlor Press publications are listed in Books in Print and Ingram's.

Wholesale and retail discount schedule

Return Policies

Most books may be returned by retailers for full credit within 180 days of the date of the original invoice (see "Return Policies for Open Access Titles" for the exceptions"). Books must be in resalable condition for full credit. Credit cannot be given for books that cannot be resold. Permission is unnecessary with invoice and prepaid return.

Return Address: Parlor Press, 3015 Brackenberry Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 (UPS, FedEx, or US Mail)

Please call 765.409.2649 or email with questions.

Advance Payment and Return Policies for Open Access Titles

Parlor Press publishes a large number of titles that are available online for free and also in low-cost print versions. So that we can continue to offer these titles in free online editions, we require that orders for printed copies be paid for at the time of purchase and may not be returned (unless damaged in transit). Bookstores should be aware that many instructors don't require printed versions of these titles or, even when they do, students use the free online versions. So adjust order quantities carefully! If you have questions about whether a specific title is returnable, please email

Desk Copies

Instructors who adopt Parlor Press books for courses may request a desk copy by email ( or fax (206-600-5076). Because previews of most books are already available, we typically don't send free review copies before adoption. We will provide printed copies of open access titles as desk copies when there has been a verified bookstore order. In your request, please provide the following information:

Requests for desk copies should be accompanied by some indication of the bookstore that will or has placed the order, the number of books ordered, and the course.

So What's New at Parlor Press?

Our website, for one. As some of you have noticed, we have been in "maintenance mode" for a few days while we have completed the transition to a new website. The conversion is complete, and our site now offers many more possibilities for connecting authors, readers, editors, and others to each other across the network. Our e-commerce system is entirely new and more secure than ever, so we hope our readers find the process of buying books easier. The site is now run by Drupal (ver. 6.8), the excellent and powerful open source content management system. Our integrated e-commerce system is run by Ubercart, the Drupal module, which is also fantastic (we speak from considerable experience on this!). Our new payment gateway is PayPal, which gives customers numerous options. The whole site is now more closely knit and searchable so we expect that people will see just how much we have grown recently and in spite of the many obstacles facing scholarly presses recently.

So what now? If you're here for the first time, you can browse our catalogs, check out new releases, read some (free) excellent books right here in iPaper format, add books to your shopping cart (er, book bag), check out our fifteen book series, two of which are made public for the first time right now: Perspectives on Writing (edited by Mike Palmquist, in the form of another publishing collaboration between Parlor Press and the WAC Clearinghouse) and Rhetoric of Science and Technology, edited by Alan Gross. All of our books are now also featured in lightboxes, so click on one anywhere to get a good look at the cover or to visit the book's node. (Try clicking on one of the books in our banner to see what we mean.) Our series pages (now fifteen total) are new and improved as well. You might check out our new Animoto--Parlor Press 2008: Bazaar!--which highlights titles newly published in 2008 or our list of forthcoming books.

What's really "new"? Aside from the interface and e-commerce system (saving us substantial time on the back-end, believe me), it's mostly potential. Over the next few weeks, we will be integrating author blogs, a major new blog on sustainable scholarly publishing in the digital age (called "Book It!"), new technologies for collaboration, more free, CC-licensed and iPaper (Scribd) content, and more publishing partners. One of our goals is to achieve and demonstrate the impact Parlor Press authors and books have on the world. It is substantial (there are more than 250 of them now) and grows daily. Readers can now create accounts at the site so that they can comment on books and other content, subscribe to RSS feeds, receive automatic content notifications (if desired, of course), and more. Authors can find easier access to information about the development, production, and promotion process, including links to new technologies that help collaboration, document cycling, and other editorial work in the Author Parlor. Very soon, we will be launching an integrated calender so that we can broadcast important author events (like readings, keynotes, and other author appearances) and other milestones.

I hope you let us know what you think and will share your suggestions. (Be sure to register for an account first!)

Onward! (To borrow a gesture from now thrice-Parlored author, Graeme Harper (AKA Brooke Biaz)
David Blakesley