Crossroads: The Writing of the Trans-Atlantic Worker Writer Federation, Volume II

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Edited by Zachary Barlow, Rafeala Evans, and Molly Velazquez-Brown

Working and Writing for Change (A Parlor Press Imprint)
Edited by Steve Parks and Jess Pauszek

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978-1-60235-951-2 (paperback, $19.95); 978-1-60235-952-9 (PDF on CD, $14). © 2017 by New City Community Press. 172 pages with illustrations, notes, and bibliography.

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Crossroads brings together writers from the United Kingdom and the United States to explore the experience of life's inevitable changes. It shares the experiences of the young student travelling abroad, the long-time resident of a neighborhood looking at the changes time has produced, the immigrant considering the traditions brought forward into a new land, and the wonder of long-time friendships. In the process, Crossroads demonstrates a common lived experience that speaks across the Atlantic and towards the possibility of continued dialogue.

Crossroads is the second publication produced by the Trans-Atlantic Worker Writer Federation, a joint project by the FED and New City Community Press. The first publication, Pro(se)letariets, explored the experiences of working-class students in the United Kingdom and the United States.


Introduction, Ryan Bince
Republic of letters, Ashini Viyanga Fernando
Story of You, Isaris Baez
Janice Day- A Break of Routine, Bobby-Lee Verkuijl
For Jessica, John Malcomson
Counting the Years, Andrew Diamon
Stay, Christina Flower .
Having a Child, Beverly Bungay
History Of Us, Daisy Spoer
Lead the Way, Davida Hawks
Tripping, Ryan Bince
A Beer Drank Alone on a weekday Night, Ryan Bince
Are Writers Special People, Joana Matos
Postcards, Jordan Craig
Holding Hands, Sarah Frodsham
History of You, Tiarah Brown
Reaction to The Republic of Letters, Robert Joffery
Transference, Sunitha Webster
Giants, P. Evans
University of Wisconsin, Jordan Craig
The Bus, John Sheehy
Miseducation, Andrew Henry Smith
How to Write a Book, Katie Mctaggart
Home, Christina Flower
Stevenage Survivors, Duncan Stephen
After Villon, John Sheehy
History of Me, Daisy Spoer
Split Personality, John Sheehy
Presentations, Ryan Bince
There is no Other, Lucia Birch
Donkey, John Sheehy
Significance, Micheal Bungay
77 years old, Louis
Reaction to Republic of Letters, Louis Webster
The Future, Sylvia
Literary Institutions and Education Response, Deanna Tuit

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