Bibliographic Research in Composition Studies

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Vicki Byard

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Bibliographic Research in Composition Studies is a student-friendly guide to how knowledge is constructed and disseminated in composition studies, as well as a thorough handbook on how to conduct bibliographic research in the discipline. Student readers are taught Stephen North's taxonomy of scholarship, empirical research, and practice so that they can better contextualize the sources they read, and they learn the unique ways that some genres of publication function in composition studies. The book also leads students through the entire process of completing a bibliographic assignment. Students learn to search for and select pertinent sources effectively, how to use major databases and other bibliographic resources to conduct a comprehensive search for disciplinary knowledge, and how to draft and revise an annotated bibliography and a review of literature. Four appendices offer additional support in understanding libraries, journals, and databases, all as they pertain to research in composition studies. The book helps students make sense of a broadly defined discipline and prepares them to become active and independent learners, as well as original contributors to the unending conversation in composition studies.

Bibliographic Research in Composition Studies is the first volume in Parlor Press's new Lenses on Composition Studies series, which features texts written specifically for upper-level undergraduate and entry-level graduate courses in composition studies.Lenses on Composition Studies Logo

Lenses on Composition Studies
Edited by Sheryl Fontaine and Steve Westbrook

About the Author

Vicki Byard is Professor of English at Northeastern Illinois University, located in Chicago, where she currently serves as the Coordinator of the First-Year Writing Program. She teaches first-year and upper-level writing courses, as well as graduate-level theory and research courses in an MA composition program. Previously, she authored the Instructor's Resource Manual for the first and second editions of The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing, and she is a frequent presenter at national conferences in composition studies. She received her MA and PhD in rhetoric and composition from Purdue University.


1 Directions to the Parlor: The Need for a Guide to Scholarship in Composition Studies

The Need for Student-Centered Introductions to Composition Studies
The Need for Bibliographic Instruction in Academia
The Need for Bibliographic Instruction in Composition Studies
Suggestions for Using This Book
Some Cautions about This Book
Works Cited
For Further Reading

2 Voices in the Parlor: The Construction of Knowledge in Composition Studies

Definition of Scholarship
Examples of Scholarship
Advice for Locating Scholarship
Empirical Research
Definition of Empirical Research
Examples of Empirical Research
Advice for Locating Empirical Research
Definition of Practice
Examples of Practice
Advice for Locating Practice
Hybrid Knowledge
Works Cited
For Further Reading

3 Genres in the Parlor: The Dissemination of Knowledge in Composition Studies

Books and Edited Collections
Print and Electronic Journals
Theses and Dissertations
Professional Organizations’ Websites, Position Statements, and Conventions
Mailing Lists and Their Archives
Works Cited
For Further Reading

4 Approaching the Parlor’s Threshold: Preparing for Your Bibliographic Search in Composition Studies

Assessing Your Library’s Resources
Identifying Your Search Terms
Controlled Vocabulary
Understanding Web Search Options
Boolean Operators
Advanced Search Options
Search Histories
Establishing Your Criteria for Sources
Cumulative Merit
Choosing a Documentation Style
Reference Management Software
Works Cited
For Further Reading

5 Your Hosts for the Parlor Conversation: Major Databases and Bibliographies in Composition Studies

Five Databases Essential to Composition Studies
MLA International Bibliography
Additional Bibliographic Resources
Dissertation Indexes
Journals’ Websites
Other Online Bibliographies
Print Bibliographies
Works Cited

6 Synthesizing the Parlor Conversation: Completing Bibliographic Assignments in Composition Studies

The Bibliographic Search Process
Identifying Your Citations
Evaluating and Refining Your Bibliography Draft
Obtaining Hard Copies of Your Sources
Writing Bibliographic Assignments
Writing an Annotated Bibliography
Writing a Literature Review
Joining the Scholarly Conversation
Works Cited
For Further Reading

Appendix A: Assessing Your Library Resources
Appendix B: Scholarly Journals in Composition
Appendix C: Inclusion of Composition Journals in Periodical Indexes
Appendix D: Journals Holdings in Nearby Libraries
About the Author

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