Christy Desmet reviews Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare, edited by Scott L. Newstok

Cover of Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare"To conclude, I would like to offer a word of praise for the press. In an age when commercial presses are seeking out smaller manuscripts, Parlor Press is willing to publish a longer compilation of criticism such as this one. At the same time, there is no 'fluff'; the book is tight and—a tribute to both editor and press--cleanly edited. Not least important, the paper is of good quality, the typeface handsome, and the binding solid. My copy traveled by plane, train, and automobile across the Atlantic and suffered the usual indignities of academics' paperbacks, including the use of pens and pencils as bookmarks, all without significant wear. These production values, in combination with Kenneth Burke's quirky mind and Scott Newstok's judicious editing, make Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare an aesthetically pleasing as well as edifying read." (11/2007)

—Christy Desmet, The Upstart Crow 26 (2007): 124-28

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