Composing a Community: A History of Writing Across the Curriculum

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Edited by Susan H. McLeod and Margot Iris Soven

Lauer Series in Rhetoric and Composition
Edited by Patricia Sullivan, Catherine Hobbs, Thomas Rickert, and Jennifer Bay

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Writing across the curriculum is experiencing a renaissance in institutions across the country. People starting or restarting WAC programs will want to read Composing a Community: A History of Writing Across the Curriculum.

Composing a Community is not only a history of early WAC programs but also of how the people developing those programs were in touch with one another, exchanging ideas and information, forming first a network and then a community. Composing a Community captures the stories of pioneers like Elaine Maimon, Toby Fulwiler, and others, giving readers first-hand accounts from those who were present at the creation of this new movement. David Russell’s introduction sets this emergent narrative into relief.


Susan H. McLeod and Margot Iris Soven, themselves pioneers in WAC history, have assembled some of its most eloquent voices in this collection: Charles Bazerman, John C. Bean, Toby Fulwiler, Anne Herrington, Carol Holder, Peshe C. Kuriloff, Linda Peterson, David R. Russell, Christopher Thaiss, Barbara E. Walvoord, and Sam Watson. Their style is personal, lively, and informal as the authors succeed in putting their personal memories in the larger context of WAC studies.

About the Editors

Susan H. McLeod is Professor of Writing and Director of the Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has published widely on writing across the curriculum and composition. In 2006, she will publish Writing Program Administration in Parlor Press’s series, Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition.

Margot Iris Soven is Professor of English at La Salle University and is currently the Director of the Core Curriculum and the Writing Fellows Program. She has published widely on writing across the curriculum and composition. Her latest book is What the Writing Tutor Needs to Know (Thomson Wadsworth, 2006).


Introduction: WAC’s Beginnings: Developing a Community of Change Agents, David R. Russell

  1. It Takes a Campus to Teach a Writer: WAC and the Reform of Undergraduate Education, Elaine P. Maimon
  2. University-Schools Partnership: WAC and the National Writing Project at George Mason University, Christopher Thaiss
  3. Circles of Interest: The Growth of Research Communities in WAC and WID/WIP, Charles Bazerman and Anne Herrington
  4. The Start of Writing in the Disciplines/Writing Across the Curriculum in the California State University System, Carol R. Holder and Susan H. McLeod
  5. WAC Becomes Respectable: The University of Chicago Institutes on Writing and Higher Order Reasoning, Margot Soven
  6. Writing across the Curriculum in the Ivy Consortium, Peshe Kuriloff and Linda Peterson
  7. Montana, Mina Shaughnessy, and Microthemes: Reflections on WAC as a Community, John C. Bean
  8. Still a Good Place to Be: More than 20 Years of the National Network of WAC Programs, Christopher Thaiss
  9. Gender and Discipline in Two Early WAC Communities: Lessons for Today, Barbara E. Walvoord
  10. Writing Across the Michigan Tech Curriculum, Toby Fulwiler, with Additions by Art Young
  11. My Story of Wildacres, 1983–1998, Sam Watson

About the Authors

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