A Critical Look at Institutional Mission: A Guide for Writing Program Administrators

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Edited by Joseph Janangelo

Writing Program Administration
Series Editors: Susan H. McLeod and Margot Soven

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What People Are Saying

"As a WPA who recently transitioned into being a department chair, I was pulled in from the first paragraph. . . . A Critical Look at Institutional Mission is a welcome gap-filler, focusing on the 'mission' as a fulcrum for academic writing/program-building activities. I think it's a critical collection that confronts the rhetorical power of institutional goals rather than connecting alignment to a more ethereal 'big bad.' . . . [T]he book focuses on the mission statement as an artifact that offers insight into our institutional discussions about what we value, how we imagine learning to happen, and how we publicly circulate those ideas."

—Colin Charlton, Co-author, GenAdmin: Theorizing WPA Identities in the Twenty-First Century


A Critical Look at Institutional Mission: A Guide for Writing Program Administrators helps writing program administrators and writing center directors understand how their work is fueled and constrained by institutional mission. It offers provocations for reflection, conversation, and strategic stewardship of writing programs and writing centers. Mission is a central concept in millennial academe. For many two- and four-year colleges, mission denotes the distinctive institutional history and traditions of practice colleges use to serve students. Yet some traditions may be at odds with marketplace drivers, such as recruitment and retention, institutional rebranding, and social change. WPAs and writing center directors may struggle to reconcile historical practice with contemporary work in civic engagement, undergraduate research, academic advancement, general education, LGBTQI advocacy, and support for students of color.

In A Critical Look at Institutional Mission: A Guide for Writing Program Administrators, contributors discuss the complications of teaching and administrating within specific institutional cultures. Reflecting on the restrictions they face, these scholars remind us that our work is rarely ours alone—that we work in community with others, for others, and within institutional contexts and imperatives. Con­tributors include Nicholas N. Behm, Anita R. Cortez, Dominic DelliCarpini, Anita M. DeRouen, Andrea Rosso Efthymiou, Lauren Fitzgerald, Kristine Hansen, Jason Hoppe, Joseph Janangelo, Andrew Jeter, Joyce Kinkead, Jeffrey Klausman, Rita Malenczyk, Steve Price, Lauren Rosenberg, and Farrell J. Webb.

About the Editor

Joseph Janangelo is Associate Professor of English at Loyola University Chicago and Past President of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. He co-edited Resituating Writing: Constructing and Administering Writing Programs with Kristine Hansen and Theoretical and Critical Perspectives on Teacher Change. His work has appeared in College Composition and Communication, College English, The Writing Center Journal, and WPA: Writing Program Administration.


Introduction: Of Provocations and Possibilities
Joseph Janangelo

Part I: Connecting and Contending
1 Community Engagement and Authentic Writing: Institutional Mission as Centripetal and/or Centrifugal Force
Dominic DelliCarpini

2 Transcending Institutional Boundaries and Types: Undergraduate Research
Joyce Kinkead

3 Strategic Assessment: Using Dynamic Criteria Mapping to Actualize Institutional Mission and Build Community
Nicholas N. Behm

4 Creating a Program of Success for Underrepresented Students at Research Institutions
Farrell J. Webb and Anita R. Cortez

Part II: Designing and Discerning
5 Out of the Ivory Tower and into the Brand: How the New Two-Year College Mission Shapes the Faculty-Manager
Jeffrey Klausman

6 The Pen and the Drone: Manumotive Writing Programs and the Professional Imagination at West Point
Jason Hoppe

7 The BYU English Department's Future Scholars Program: Planning for a Faculty to Match the Institutional Mission
Kristine Hansen

8 Designing and Delivering General Education Curriculum at a Small Liberal Arts College
Anita M. DeRouen

Part III: Relating, Reflecting, and Resisting
9 When Fantasy Themes Collide: Implementing a Public Liberal Arts Mission in Changing Times
Rita Malenczyk and Lauren Rosenberg

10 Negotiating Institutional Missions: Writing Center Tutors as Rhetorical Actors
Andrea Rosso Efthymiou and Lauren Fitzgerald

11 People Make the Place: Using an Evolving Mission as a Secondary School Teacher and Program Development Tool
Andrew Jeter

12 Same-Sex Marriage at a Jesuit University: Institutional Integrity and Social Change
Joseph Janangelo

Steve Price
About the Editor

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