Searching for Latini

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Michael Kleine

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In Searching for Latini, Michael Kleine recounts the quest of a rhetorician and writing teacher to discover and celebrate the significance of a thirteenth-century rhetorician who has been excluded from American versions of rhetorical history—Brunetto Latini, the teacher of Dante. Kleine argues that Latini should be rescued from obscurity, not only because of the literary status of his student but also because of Latini’s promotion of Ciceronian rhetoric during the dawn of the Renaissance and the relevance of his work to contemporary teachers of writing.

Kleine writes of his pilgrimage reflectively and poignantly. His search reminds us all that, in rescuing others from obscurity, we might even rescue ourselves.

What people are saying about Searching for Latini . . .

Kleine’s investigation into the life and achievements of Brunetto Latini contribute not only to our understanding of this important figure in the history of rhetoric, but also to what such discoveries mean personally to Kleine as a teacher of writing. This weaving of scholarship and personal reflection is engaging and illuminating. In addition to its explicit contributions to the history of rhetoric, Searching for Latini is also an example of the art of indirection. I have never read an account that better illustrates the value of studying not only rhetoric and composition, but also the history of rhetoric with composition than Searching for Latini.
—Richard Leo Enos in Rhetoric Review (Fall, 2008)

About the Author

Michael Kleine is a professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he teaches courses in first-year writing, composition theory, rhetorical theory, language theory, and science writing. His published articles have appeared in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Technical Communication Quarterly, Communication and Religion,Journal of Business and Technical Communication, JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory, Journal of Medical Humanities, Journal of Teaching Writing, The Writing Instructor, ex tempore (a music- theory journal), Journal of Psychological Type, Centrum, and Composition Forum. He has published book chapters in The Philosophy of Discourse and (Re)Visioning Composition Textbooks. He has also published poetry on Italian art and literature in Poem and The Formalist.


    The Genesis of a Pilgrimage
    Toward a Motive and a Map
Part I: In Search of Answers Among the Books
1 Brunetto Latini, Notary and Writer
    Pre-Exile Praxis—Brunetto and the Brown Ink of Civic Writing
    Post-Exile Writing—Latini and the Dark Ink of Literary Posterity
2 Latini, Teacher of Dante, By His Student Damned
    The First Path—Latini’s Teaching of Dante
    The Second Path—Dante’s Damnation of His Teacher
    The Third Path—Material/Historical Transcendence of the “Treasure”
3 The Currency of Latini’s Rhetorical Treasure
    Latini’s Vernacularization and Application of Cicero
    Latini’s Contributions to the Ars Dictaminis and the Rhetoric of Writing
    A Rhetorician for the Here and Now
Part II: Toward an Open Book of My Own
4 On Foot in Florence
5 The Illuminating Presence of Julia Bolton Holloway
    Julia’s Story
    Latini’s Obscurity and the Revival of Interest in Him
    Latini and Orality
    Latini and Literacy
    Latini as Rhetorician
    Latini and the Canon of Arrangement
    Latini and a Curriculum for Ethical and Mediatory Applications of Rhetoric
6 Homecoming and an Open Book
Works Cited
About the Author

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