Writing Program Administration

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Susan H. McLeod

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Like its predecessors in Charles Bazerman’s series on Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition, this reference guide provides a comprehensive review of the literature on all the issues, responsibilities, and opportunities that writing program administrators need to understand, manage, and enact, including budgets, personnel, curriculum, assessment, teacher training and supervision, and more. Writing Program Administration also provides the first comprehensive history of writing program administration in U.S. higher education. Writing Program Administration includes a helpful glossary of terms and an annotated bibliography for further reading. Written by a WPA who has also served in other administrative positions (department chair and associate dean), the book takes a broad perspective on the work of the WPA. It is an indispensable guide for experienced and new writing program administrators alike. Students new to the study of writing program administration will find it to be their essential guide to its history and to their own professionalization.

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Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition
Edited by Charles Bazerman
Published jointly by Parlor Press and the WAC Clearinghouse

About the Author

Susan H. McLeod is Professor of Writing and Director of the Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has published widely on writing across the curriculum and composition. Her most recent book is Composing a Community: A History of Writing Across the Curriculum (Parlor Press, 2006), which she edited with Margot Soven.


1 Introduction and Overview

Issues in Writing Program Administration
Organization and Scope of the Text

2 Distinctions and Definitions

The WPA in the Institution
The WPA as Unappreciated Wife
The WPA as Scholar
The WPA as Politician, Rhetor Change Agent, Manager
The WPA as Leader

3 A History of Writing Program Administration

The Beginnings
English Departments and Composition
The History of Rhetoric and the New Emphasis on English
Development of a Composition Underclass
The Pedagogy and Curricula of Early Composition Courses
The Tenacity of Current-Traditional Rhetoric
The Pre-Professional Period: Writing Program Administration up to World War II
The Period of Professionalization: Post World War II
The First Professional Organization for WPAs: CCCC
The Birth of the Council of Writing Program Administrators
The Development of WPA: The Journal of Writing Program Administration
Writing Program Administration in the Twenty-First Century

4 Current Issues and Practical Guidelines

First-Year Composition
Basic Writing
ESL and Generation 1.5 Students
Beyond First-Year Composition
Assessment and Accountability
Program Assessment
Staffing, Staff Development, and Evaluation
Administrative and Professional Issues

5 Glossary
6 Practical Resources for Writing Program Administrators: A Selected Bibliography
Anne Whitney

General Resource Guides/Overviews
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Assessment and Accountability
Staffing and Staff Development
Administrative and Professional Issues

Works Cited

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