Senior Citizens Writing: A Workshop and Anthology, with an Introduction and Guide for Workshop Leaders

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W. Ross Winterowd

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The number of seniors in our population is burgeoning and will continue to grow. Seniors are eager to tell their stories, explain their philosophies, create fictions, and vent their anger at the injustices they perceive in the nation and the world. In Senior Citizens Writing, renowned teacher and writer W. Ross Winterowd describes in his introduction how writing workshops for seniors not only provide an audience but also give them opportunities for the intellectual growth and engagement that everyone wants and needs. Included in this anthology are new poems, stories, and essays by Michelle Barany, Robert Barany, Robert “Bud” Brower, Irene Clifford, Royal L. Craig, Gerry Gooding, Vi Hinton, Mary Dickson Jenkins, Paul Sammy Larkin, Anna Pinter, and Arthur Weiland.

About the Author

W. Ross Winterowd is the Bruce R. McElderry Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, where he founded its PhD program in Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Literature. He has authored, co-authored, or edited many essays, reviews, poems, and books, including Searching For Faith: A Skeptic’s Journey (2004, Parlor Press), The English Department: An Institutional and Personal History (1998), and The Culture and Politics of Literacy (1989). He has been leading writing workshops for seniors in Huntington Beach, California, since 1997.


W. Ross Winterowd

  • Preface
  • Introduction: Senior (Citizen) Composition
  • The Sermon as Cop-Out

Michelle Barany

  • Homeward (Excerpt)
  • Into the Night of Time
  • Rooftops

Robert Barany

  • A Widow’s Validation
  • Coal Camp Entertainment
  • Mail-Order Bride, et al.

Bud Brower

  • Morning Tour [pronounced “tower”]

Irene Clifford

  • Andy

Royal L. Craig

  • Fishing
  • Interstices

Gerry Gooding

  • Governing by Direct Democracy
  • Our Cuban Prison
  • The Shady Spot

Vi Hinton

  • VJ Day in Aruba

Mary Jenkins

  • 1931–1932
  • 1932–1935
  • 1935–1937
  • 1937–1940

Paul Sammy Larkin

  • The Transition—Summer 1940—
  • Springfield, MO, to Amory, MS
  • Larkins’ First Rental Home In Amory
  • 605 7th Avenue North, Amory, MS
  • Various Memories

Anna Pinter

  • Summer Evenings of My Childhood
  • Going Home
  • The First House My Dad Built
  • Forgiving Father

Art Weiland

  • Hats
  • My Dad
  • Free Flight I
  • First Love

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