Rewriting Success in Rhetoric and Composition Careers

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Edited by Amy Goodburn, Donna LeCourt, and Carrie Leverenz

Lauer Series in Rhetoric and Composition
Edited by Catherine Hobbs, Patricia Sullivan, Thomas Rickert and Jennifer Bay

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Rewriting Success in Rhetoric and Composition Careers presents alternative narratives of what constitutes success in the field of rhetoric and composition from those who occupy traditionally undervalued positions in the academy (tribal college, community colleges, postdoctoral tracks), those who have used their PhDs outside of the academy (a law firm, a textbook publisher, a community center), and those who have engaged in professionalization opportunities not typical in the field (research center, a nonprofit humanities organization). By making alternative career choices and paths more visible, editors Amy Goodburn, Donna LeCourt, and Carrie Leverenz hope to encourage new and established teachers and scholars in the field to reconsider the value of knowledge in rhetoric and composition and to enable more people already in the profession to find their own (alternative) paths to success. Rewriting Success in Rhetoric and Composition Careers will appeal to both graduate students and professionals who want to think critically about what kinds of careers are possible with advanced training in rhetoric and composition, those who are reconsidering the current status and future of the discipline, and those in administrative or leadership positions who seek to better support alternative career paths.

About the Author

Amy Goodburn is Professor of English and Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Donna LeCourt is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Carrie Leverenz is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Institute for Critical and Creative Expression at Texas Christian University.


Introduction by Amy Goodburn, Donna LeCourt, and Carrie Leverenz

Section 1: Redefining Work in Academic Institutions
1 Field Notes from a Composition Adjunct at the Biomedical Engineering Outpost by Mya Poe
2 Moving Up in the World: Making a Career at a Two-year College by Malkiel Choseed
3 Nontraditional Professionals: A Successful Career with a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition? by Ildikó Melis
4 Opportunity and Respect: Keys to Contingent Faculty Success by Sue Doe
5 Disclaimer: "Professional Academic on a Closed Course: Do Not Attempt this at Home" by Heather Graves

Section 2: Redefining Valuable Knowledge Beyond Academe
6 Coming to Terms: Authority in Action and Advocacy by Moira K. Amado-McCoy
7 Ten Ways English Studies Contributes to User Experience Research, or: How to Retrofit an English Studies Degree by Dave Yeats
8 Establishing a Writing Curriculum at a Law Firm by Benjamin Opipari
9 My Unexpected Success as a Technical Editor by Shannon Wisdom
10 Conversing with the Same Field: Same Questions, Different Road by Nick Carbone

Section 3: Working for Change
11 Mentoring for Change by Cindy Moore
12 Composing a Life: Negotiating Personal, Professional, and Activist Commitments within the Academy by Jennifer Ahern-Dodson
13 Researching to Professionalize, not Professionalizing to Research: Modular Professionalization and the WIDE Effect by Stacey Pigg, Kendall Leon, and Martine Courant Rife
14 Bridging Town and Gown through Academic Internships by Lara Smith-Sitton and Lynée Lewis Gaillet


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