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Writing the Visual Brochure

Read or download this brochure about Writing the Visual: A Practical Guide for Teachers of Composition and Communication edited by Carol David and Anne R. Richards.

Prospects in Visual Rhetoric

Series Editor
Marguerite Helmers
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

The Series includes historical statements on visual culture, art, architecture, costume, and design, republished for the benefit of the modern reader with commentary by contemporary scholars. Prospects in Visual Rhetoric emerges in the scholarly publishing world to offer an opportunity for a new tradition to be forged, not so much to build a canon, but to rewrite rhetorical tradition from a visual perspective. It is our hope that looking backwards at significant writers and noteworthy essays will allow scholars in the emerging field of visual rhetoric to trace their history to the visual theories, critical commentaries, and scholarly studies of the past.

Visual Rhetoric

Series Editor
Marguerite Helmers
University of Wisconsin-Oskosh

Visual culture studies and visual rhetoric have been increasing areas of emphasis in scholarly studies. Drawing on the work of a variety of theorists, from Kenneth Burke in rhetorical studies to Roland Barthes in semiotics, and addressing a wide range of subjects, from supermarkets to new media, scholars established visual cultural studies as a thriving and significant area of inquiry for the new century. The impetus for such study has been the awareness that Americans’ primary information sources (television and the World Wide Web) are strongly graphic (or visual) rather than print- or text-based in nature. This series will encourage scholars working in rhetoric, cultural studies, and communication to create new scholarly works that analyze visual phenomena. The intent is to assist in the development of a dedicated publication venue for visual rhetorical studies in order to establish coherence in what is currently a disparate discipline.

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