Writing Program Administration

Series Editors
Susan H. McLeod
University of California, Santa Barbara

Margot Soven
La Salle University

In the past few decades writing program administration has emerged as a field of inquiry, a field with its own national organization, journal, and conference. The Writing Program Administration series provides a venue for scholarly monographs and projects that are research or theory-based and that provide insights into important issues in the field. We encourage submissions that examine the work of writing program administration, broadly defined (e.g., not just administration of first-year composition programs). Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Historical studies of writing program administration or administrators (archival work is particularly encouraged)
  • Studies evaluating the relevance of theories developed in other fields (e.g., management, sustainability, organizational theory)
  • Studies of particular personnel issues (e.g., unionization, use of adjunct faculty)
  • Research on developing and articulating curricula Studies of assessment and accountability issues for WPAs
  • Examinations of the politics of writing program administration WPA work at the community college

Submission and Contact Information

Queries should be directed to:

Susan H. McLeod (mcleod@writing.ucsb.edu) University of California, Santa Barbara

Margot Soven, (soven@lasalle.edu) La Salle University

For complete submission guidelines, see


Your proposal should outline the rationale and projected audience for the book and its relation to other books in the field; include the book's table of contents or a chapter outline, the estimated length and the timetable for completion, and the introduction and a sample chapter. Please also send the c.v. of the author or editor.

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