Writing the Visual: A Practical Guide for Teachers of Composition and Communication

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Edited by Carol David and Anne R. Richards

Visual Rhetoric Series
Edited by Marguerite Helmers

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Writing the Visual: A Practical Guide for Teachers of Composition and Communication offers a variety of creative and theoretically based approaches to the development of visual literacy. The book’s introduction and twelve chapters provide an array of pedagogical perspectives, exceptional field-tested assignments for students writing across the disciplines, and a strong bibliographic base from which readers might continue their exploration of visual studies. Presenting ideas both imaginative and practical for teachers and advanced students, Writing the Visual aims to expand our understanding of how visual and verbal elements contribute to a text’s effectiveness. Extensively referencing key figures from ancient times to the present who have developed theories, described histories, and provided analyses of images, Writing the Visual responds to the growing desire for critical and creative engagement with visual language in composition and communication classrooms.


Nancy Allen, Carol David, Jean Darcy, Jane Davis, Ryan Jerving, C. Richard King, Mark Mullen, L. J. Nicoletti, Alyssa O’Brien, Iraj Omidvar, Kristin Walker Pickering, Deborah Rard, Anne R. Richards, Yong-Kang Wei, and Barbara Worthington.

About the Editors

Carol David is Professor Emerita in the Department of English at Iowa State University, where she served as teacher and administrator of composition programs from 1960 until her retirement in 2001. Her research on writing, visuality, and technical communication has appeared in Technical Communication Quarterly, Journal of Business Communication, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and elsewhere.

Anne R. Richards is Assistant Professor of English at Kennesaw State University, where she blends critical and interdisciplinary approaches to the teaching of multimedia literacy and technical writing. Her research on scientific images, color on the World Wide Web, and multimedia sound has appeared or is forthcoming in Technical Communication Quarterly.


1 Fields of Vision: A Background Study of References for Teachers, Anne R. Richards and Carol David

2 Seeing Rhetoric, Nancy Allen

3 Mediated Memory: The Language of Memorial Spaces, L. J. Nicoletti

4 Visual Rhetoric for Writing Teachers: Using Documentaries to Develop Student Awareness of Rhetorical Elements, Barbara Worthington and Deborah Rard

5 Envisioning Justice: Racial Metaphors, Political Movements, and Critical Pedagogy, C. Richard King

6 Seeing the Unspeakable: Emmett Till and American Terrorism, Jane Davis

7 A Study of Photographs of Iran: Postcolonial Inquiry into the Limits of Visual Representation, Iraj Omidvar

8 Ethos on the Web: A Cross-Cultural Approach, Yong-Kang Wei

9 Visualizing Discovery: Christopher Columbus’s Maps, Jean Darcy

10 Drawn to Multiple Sides: Making Arguments Visible with Political Cartoons, Alyssa O’Brien

11 Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black-and-White Photograph, Ryan Jerving

12 Collapsing Floors and Disappearing Walls: Teaching Visual and Cultural Intertexts in Electronic Games, Mark Mullen

13 Revising for Activity Purposes: Improving Document Design for Reader-Oriented Activities, Kristin Walker Pickering


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