Aesthetic Critical Inquiry

Gaye Chan, Specter 1

Gaye Chan, Specter 1, from Flagrante Delicto, 2002; chromogenic print, 10.875 x 22.25"

Series Editor
Andrea Feeser
Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory
Clemson University

Update: This series is no longer acccepting new submissions. — 9/4/2011

Series Description

At least from the beginning of the twentieth century, artists and scholars have created critical investigations presented in aesthetic terms through word and image. Neither conventional academic text nor traditional work of art, this hybrid research produces knowledge by combining rigorous analysis with affective visual and written language. Such material appeals to the mind and the senses, and operates on the premise that learning occurs most powerfully when intellectual study incorporates noumenal and phenomenal experience. Important examples of aesthetic critical inquiry include illustrated essays in Surrealist periodicals; Conceptual art that interrogates theory; poetically written and creatively designed cultural criticism; and digital projects that deliver information and ideas through artful web design.

This series provides a forum for aesthetic critical inquiry through the printed and digital book format and aims to defy developing categories for interdisciplinary research. Interdisciplinarity is currently understood in terms of hybrid subjects and/or methods within academic scholarship. Aesthetic critical inquiry bridges academic scholarship and artistic creation, and thereby fundamentally questions not only what we know, but also how we know it. Because of this emphasis on interdisciplinarity, the series will highlight collaborative endeavors between writers and artists.

Series Launch: 20 October 2003.