A Theory of Literate Action: Literate Action, Volume 2

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Charles Bazerman

Perspectives on Writing Series (The WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press)
Series Editor: Susan H. McLeod

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978-1-60235-477-7 (paperback, $27); 978-1-60235-478-4 (hardcover; $60); 978-1-60235-479-1 (Adobe ebook, $20) © 2014 by Charles Bazerman. 225 pages with notes and bibliography.

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Literate Action, in its two volumes, makes an indispensable contribution to writing studies.  Undertaken by one of the most learned and visionary scholars in the field, this work has a comprehensive and culminating quality to it, tracking major lines of insight into writing as a human practice and articulating the author’s intellectual progress as a theorist and researcher across a career.

A Theory of Literate Action makes a significant contribution to the field and enriches and deepens our perspectives on writing by drawing together such varied and wide-ranging approaches from social theory and the social sciences—from psychology, to phenomenology, to pragmatics—and demonstrating their relevance to writing studies. While much has been made of the ‘social turn’ in the field of Rhetoric and Composition, the impact of social theory and social sciences on rhetorical theory and literacy studies has not been as fully explored—nor have these approaches been gathered together in one comprehensive text, to my knowledge.  — Mary Jo Reiff  

I have followed Charles Bazerman’s thinking closely over the years, but seeing it all together allowed me to see what I had not seen in it: how cognitive psychology (even neurobiology) intersects with social psychology and then sociology; how attentional processes and motive/emotion relate to genre; the historical insights; all up and down, macro micro meso. This work leads in so many productive directions. I’ve taken pages of notes. — David R. Russell

About the Author

Charles Bazerman, Professor of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the author of numerous research articles and books on the social role of writing, academic genres, and textual analysis, as well as textbooks on the teaching of writing.


1. The Symbolic Animal and the Cultural Transformation of Nature
2. Symbolic Selves in Society: Vygotsky on Language and Formation of the Social Mind
3. Active Social Symbolic Selves: Vygotskian Traditions
4. Active Social Symbolic Selves: The Phenomenological Sociology Tradition
5. Active Social Symbolic Selves: The Pragmatic Tradition within American Social Science
6. Social Order: Structural and Structurational Sociology
7. From the Interaction Order to Shared Meanings
8. Linguistic Orders
9. Utterances and Their Meanings
10. The World in the Text: Indexed and Created
11. The Writer on the Spot and on the Line

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