Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2018

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Edited by Jordan Canzonetta, André Habet, Laura Gonzales, David Blakesley, Jessica Pauszek, and Steve Parks

Best of Journals in Rhetoric and Composition Series
Edited by Jessica Pauszek, Kristi Girdharry, Charles Lesh, and Steve Parks

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978-1-64317-061-9 (paperback, $34) 978-1-64317-062-6 (Adobe eBook on CD or by email, $19.99). 385 pages with illustrations, notes, and bibliographies. © 2019 by Parlor Press. Individual essays in this book have been reprinted with permission of the respective copyright owners.

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Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2018 represents the result of a nationwide conversation—beginning with journal editors, but expanding to teachers, scholars and workers across the discipline of Rhetoric and Composition—to select essays that showcase the innovative and transformative work now being published in the field’s independent journals. Representing both print and digital journals in the field, the essays featured here explore issues ranging from classroom practice to writing in global and digital contexts, from writing workshops to community activism. Together, the essays provide readers with a rich understanding of the present and future direction of the field.

The anthology features work by the following authors and representing these journals: Jordan Canzonetta, Laura Gonzales, and André Habet | D. Alexis Hart and Roger Thompson (College Composition and Communication) | Steven Alvarez(Community Literacy Journal) |Hannah J. Rule (Composition Studies) | Blake Watson (Enculturation) | Kristopher Kyle and Scott Crossley (Journal of Second Language Writing) | Eamon Cunningham (Journal of Teaching Writing) | Kaia Simon (Literacy in Composition Studies) | (Patricia Fancher (Present Tense) | Tasha Golden (Reflections) | Erika Claire Strandjord) (Rhetoric Review) | Risa Applegarth (Rhetoric Society Quarterly) | Darin Jensen and Susan Ely (Teaching English in the Two-Year College) | Brian Hendrickson and Genevieve Garcia de Mueller (The WAC Journal) | Michelle Miley (WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship) | E. Shelley Reid (WPA: Writing Program Administration).


Introduction by Jordan Canzonetta, Laura Gonzales, and André Habet THE WAC JOURNAL: Inviting Students to Determine for Themselves What It Means to Write Across the Disciplines by Brian Hendrickson and Genevieve Garcia de Mueller | JOURNAL OF TEACHING WRITING: Authentic Questioning as a Form of Inquiry: Writing in the Dialogic Classroom by Eamon Cunningham | JOURNAL OF SECOND LANGUAGE WRITING: The Relationship Between Lexical Sophistication and Independent and Source-Based Writing by Kristopher Kyle and Scott Crossley | TEACHING ENGLISH IN THE TWO-YEAR COLLEGE: A Partnership Teaching Externship Program:  A Model That Makes Do by Darin Jensen and Susan Ely | HETORIC REVIEW: Making, not Curating, the Rhetorical Tradition: Ways through and beyond the Canon by Erika Claire Strandjord \ WPA: WRITING PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION: On Learning to Teach: Letter to a New TA by E. Shelley Reid | PRESENT TENSE: Composing Artificial Intelligence: Performing Whiteness and Masculinity by Patricia Fancher | COMPOSITION STUDIES: Sensing the Sentence: An Embodied Simulation Approach to Rhetorical Grammar by Hannah J. Rule | WLN: A JOURNAL OF WRITING CENTER SCHOLARSHIP: Feminist Mothering: A Theory/Practice for Writing Center Administration by Michelle Miley | ENCULTURATION: From Spectacular to Vernacular: Epideixis in Tactical Urban Design by Blake Watson | COMMUNITY LITERACY JOURNAL: Brokering Literacies: Child Language Brokering in Mexican Immigrant Families by Steven Alvarez | ITERACY IN COMPOSITION STUDIES: Daughters Learning from Fathers: Migrant Family Literacies that Mediate Borders by Kaia Simon | REFLECTIONS: Subalternity in Juvenile Justice: Gendered Oppression and the Rhetoric of Reform by Tasha Golden | COLLEGE COMPOSITION AND COMMUNICATION: Veterans in the Writing Classroom: Three Programmatic Approaches to Facilitate the Transition from the Military to Higher Education by Alexis Hart and Roger Thompson | RHETORIC SOCIETY QUARTERLY: Children Speaking: Agency and Public Memory in the Children's Peace Statue Project by Risa Applegarth

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