Sales and Ordering

Ordering books directly from Parlor Press

You can order books from Parlor Press in several ways: buy them here, at our online store, send an order form by fax (206.600.5076), email ( or snail mail (see below), or by calling 765.409.2649 with your order information. Parlor Press accepts all major credits cards online and, additionally, checks, money orders, or purchase orders for payment when ordering by mail or fax.

Buying from retailers

Parlor Press books, in both print and eBook format are available through online booksellers, such as, Powells, or Barnes and Noble, and at your local bookstore. All Parlor Press publications are listed in Books in Print and Ingram's.

Wholesale and retail discount schedule

Return Policies

Most books may be returned by retailers for full credit within 180 days of the date of the original invoice (see "Return Policies for Open Access Titles" for the exceptions"). Books must be in resalable condition for full credit. Credit cannot be given for books that cannot be resold. Permission is unnecessary with invoice and prepaid return.

Return Address: Parlor Press, 3015 Brackenberry Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 (UPS, FedEx, or US Mail)

Please call 765.409.2649 or email with questions.

Advance Payment and Return Policies for Open Access Titles

Parlor Press publishes a large number of titles that are available online for free and also in low-cost print versions. So that we can continue to offer these titles in free online editions, we require that orders for printed copies be paid for at the time of purchase and may not be returned (unless damaged in transit). Bookstores should be aware that many instructors don't require printed versions of these titles or, even when they do, students use the free online versions. So adjust order quantities carefully! If you have questions about whether a specific title is returnable, please email

Desk Copies

Instructors who adopt Parlor Press books for courses may request a desk copy by email ( or fax (206-600-5076). Because previews of most books are already available, we typically don't send free review copies before adoption. We will provide printed copies of open access titles as desk copies when there has been a verified bookstore order. In your request, please provide the following information:

Requests for desk copies should be accompanied by some indication of the bookstore that will or has placed the order, the number of books ordered, and the course.