Lauer Series in Rhetoric and Composition

Lauer Series in Rhetoric and CompositionThe Lauer Series in Rhetoric and Composition honors the contributions Janice Lauer Hutton has made to the emergence of Rhetoric and Composition as a disciplinary study. It publishes scholarship that carries on Professor Lauer’s varied work in the history of written rhetoric, disciplinarity in composition studies, contemporary pedagogical theory, and written literacy theory and research.
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n/a1977: A Cultural Moment in Composition$27.00
n/aAncient Non-Greek Rhetorics$30.00
n/aComposing a Community: A History of Writing Across the Curriculum $29.00
n/aContingency, Immanence, and the Subject of Rhetoric$27.00
n/aCreole Composition: Academic Writing and Rhetoric in the Anglophone Caribbean$36.00
n/aExpel the Pretender: Rhetoric Renounced and the Politics of Style$32.00
n/aFacing the Sky: Composing through Trauma in Word and Image$32.00
n/aFirst-Year Composition: From Theory to Practice$34.00
n/aGreek Rhetoric Before Aristotle 2e$32.00
n/aHistorical Studies of Writing Program Administration: Individuals, Communities, and the Formation of a Discipline$30.00
n/aNetworked Process: Dissolving Boundaries of Process and Post-Process$30.00
n/aRetellings: Opportunities for Feminist Research in Rhetoric and Composition Studies$34.00