New Media Theory

The New Media Theory series investigates both media and new media as a complex ecological and rhetorical context. The merger of media and new media creates a global social sphere that is changing the ways we work, play, write, teach, think, and connect. Because this new context operates through evolving arrangements, theories of new media have yet to establish a rhetorical and theoretical paradigm that fully articulates this emerging digital life. The series includes books that combine social, cultural, political, textual, rhetorical, aesthetic, and material theories in order to understand moments in the lives that operate in these emerging contexts. Such works typically bring rhetorical and critical theories to bear on media and new media in a way that elaborates a burgeoning post-disciplinary "medial turn" as one further development of the rhetorical and visual turns that have already influenced scholarly work.
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n/aAvatar Emergency$32.00
n/aNetworked Humanities: Within and Without the University$34.00
n/aNew Media/New Methods: The Academic Turn from Literacy to Electracy$30.00
n/aReady to Wear: A Rhetoric of Wearable Computers and Reality-Shifting Media$27.00
n/aSuasive Iterations: Rhetoric, Writing, and Physical Computing$34.00
n/aThe Available Means of Persuasion: Mapping a Theory and Pedagogy of Multimodal Public Rhetoric$30.00
n/aThe Two Virtuals: New Media and Composition$27.00
n/aWriting Posthumanism, Posthuman Writing$32.00