Communicating Science: The Scientific Article from the 17th Century to the Present

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Alan G. Gross, Joseph E. Harmon, Michael S. Reidy

Rhetoric of Science and Technology
Series Editor: Alan G. Gross

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978-1-60235-120-2 (paperback, $30; £20; €23; $37 CAD). 2009, Parlor Press. © 2002 Oxford University Press. 280 pages, with bibliography and index.

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Available now for the first time in paperback, Communicating Science: The Scientific Article from the 17th Century to the Present elaborates the emergence of the scientific article from its beginnings to the present. Gross, Harmon, and Reidy analyze numerous sample texts in French, English, and German, focusing on the changes in the style, organization, and argumentative structure of scientific communication over time. The authors also speculate on the currency and influence of the scientific article in the digital age. Communicating Science: The Scientific Article from the 17th Century to the Present has been an invaluable resource text in the rhetoric of science and stands as the definitive study on the topic.

What people are saying . . .

“[Communicating Science] offers a moment of coalescence in the rhetoric of science as a model of rigorous research, not likely to be duplicated soon. It will be a staple introductory text in science studies courses and a stimulant for better scholarship in the field.”  —Jeanne Fahnestock, Rhetoric Society Quarterly

Communicating Science is a substantial contribution to the literature mapping out the changing language and rhetoric of the scientific article from 1665 to the present.” —Charles Bazerman, Isis

“Gross, Harmon, and Reidy have set a new and higher standard for methodological and presentational rigor in scientific communication content analysis.” —Kathryn Northcut, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication

“Gross, Harmon, and Reidy’s decision to emphasize depth over breadth is characteristic of groundbreaking scholarship.” —Suzanne Black, Journal of Business and Technical Communication

Communicating Science is a marvel of scholarship and expression and deserves to be in the curriculum of every university’s rhetoric department.” —Tim Whalen, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication

“The book will be an essential starting point for future discussion of the history of scientific writing.” —John Turney, Diversity and Distributions

“A book to buy, to read, and to think about.” —A. J. (Tom) van Loon, European Science Editing



  1. Communicative and Argumentative Development Illustrated
  2. Style and Presentation in the 17th Century
  3. Argument in the 17th Century
  4. Style and Presentation in the 18th Century
  5. Argument in the 18th Century
  6. Style and Presentation in the 19th Century
  7. Argument in the 19th Century
  8. Style and Presentation in the 20th Century
  9. Argument in the 20th Century
  10. Explaining the Development of the Scientific Article

Epilogue: Past, Present, Future
Appendix A: Method for Sampling Scientific Texts
Appendix B: Method for Analyzing Scientific Texts
Appendix C: Noun-Phrase Analysis


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