Divination Machine

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F. Daniel Rzicznek

Free Verse Editions
Series Editor: Jon Thompson

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F. Daniel Rzicznek is a shapeshifter of poets—sometimes a watchful heron, sometimes a wheeling hawk, sometimes a gliding owl, and always an exquisitely observant crow. Poetry, he says, is a paranormal event. Divination Machine makes the case.
—Djelloul Marbrook 

We have confessional poets, who write about themselves; nature poets, who write about place; experimental poets, who write about language.  And we have F. Daniel Rzicznek, who finds “many centers to the world,” whose Divination Machine resists simplification into any one category. Rzicznek is a poet for whom “Everything / is a piece of the vision.”
— H. L. Hix

About the Author

F. Daniel Rzicznek’s previous collections of poetry include Neck of the World (winner of the 2007 May Swenson Poetry Award from Utah State University Press) and Cloud Tablets (winner of a Wick Poetry Center Chapbook Award). He is also coeditor, with Gary L. McDowell, of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry: Contemporary Poets in Discussion and Practice, forthcoming from Rose Metal Press in 2010. His poems have appeared in journals such as Boston Review, The New Republic, Orion, Gray's Sporting Journal, The Iowa Review, and elsewhere. He currently teaches English at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.     




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About the Author
Free Verse Editions



F. Daniel Rzicznek

My life listens for a place where
the snow leans and melts, runs
down, naked as the bright water
that turns green in the mind.

And where does green
leave the mind?
The state shines
with counties all
in shades—
names of towns charging
the colors like runoff.

Show me, will you please, where
the waters arise from? Next
to this meadow, this road, above
these roiling woods, a spirit:

a face breathing out the dark.


F. Daniel Rzicznek

A story I’ve never heard: a man’s wish
to be burned at death, his ashes
stewed with pulp to make a book
on the flightlessness of certain birds.
The dead are no longer the dead—
not even a scattering
of chipped teeth through grass.
Starlight number, starlight number:
the earth’s cannon points everywhere
for I am exploding. The fish
beneath the skin thrums its dorsal,
flexes its veil. Little threads
of my beard fall away past the mirror.
Only my face remains submerged.
A few leaves catch in my skull,
a briar flies from my tongue.
Confessing to a dream is confessing
only to an act imagined
when imagination has a mind of wind,
when rain takes a peony apart,
scatters it down into beauty.

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