A Map of Faring

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Peter Riley

Free Verse Editions
Edited by Jon Thompson

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"Peter Riley's most recent full-length poetry collection, A Map of Faring, is precisely the sort of project that is helping to distinguish the newly established Free Verse Editions, a joint venture between Free Verse and Parlor Press. With its commitment to featuring translations, combined with an international scope, Free Verse Editions has been consistently proving that the site of contemporary poetry consists not so much of place, but of places and their rich, adjacent terrains."

Word for Word: A Journal of New Writing (Issue 14, Fall 2008).


A Map of Faring holds three major poetical sequences meditating on particular places: an English wood, a Transylvanian valley, and a house in southern France, as well as poems of places in Austria, Germany, The Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. In these, landscape and encounters become the vocabulary of a personal exploration of senses of time and passage, and the fate of small localities in the spread of global forces. A Map of Faring reckons with acts large and small, that are transforming the world, even as it searches to understand, within that reckoning, the possible regenerative presence of art.

From A Map of Faring

Lines at Night /1

Back at evening, a stone room full
mainly of fireplace. We burn
olive roots, dry thyme, as night
gathers outside we finish
the wine, foot on sill.

Everything we touch grates
with dust and the fire
crackles and flares up.
The fire dies down, the fields
outside are gradually closed.
A speaking darkness surrounds us

And you are in it, and the light
you hold in there, is that a belief?
What else could it be?

About the Author

Peter Riley is a leading poet in Britain. His collections of poetry and other writings include Love-Strife Machine (1969), The Linear Journal (1973), Lines on the Liver (1981), Track and Mineshafts (1983), Snow Has Settled . . . Bury Me Here (1997), Passing Measures: Selected Poems (2001), Alstonefield: A Poem (2004), and Excavations (2004).

Free Verse Editions
Edited by Jon Thompson

Free Verse Editions is a joint venture between Free Verse: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry & Poetics and Parlor Press. The series will publishes three to five books of poetry per year, collections that use language to dramatize a singular vision of experience, a mastery of craft, a deep knowledge of poetic tradition, and a willingness to take risks. Please review the series description for more information.

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