Graduate Studies in Second Language Writing

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Edited by Kyle McIntosh, Carolina Pelaez-Morales, and Tony Silva

Second Language Writing
Series Editor, Paul Kei Matsuda

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Graduate Studies in Second Language Writing advances scholarship on graduate study and professionalization in the field of second language writing by addressing the ways in which an array of processes and personal interactions shape the experiences of those who are entering the field, as well as those who provide them with guidance and support. By pairing several noted scholars with their former mentees, now established scholars in their own right, Graduate Studies in Second Language Writing takes select insights gained from that conversation and makes them available to a wider audience, including current graduate students in L2 writing and those looking to enter the field, as well as faculty advisors and university administrators involved in such programs. The chapters in this collection explore the intersections between personal, professional, and institutional demands of graduate study in L2 writing, highlighting the constant negotiation that occurs at different stages in one’s academic career. The contributors to Graduate Studies in Second Language Writing graciously offer their experiences with graduate study in L2 writing and recommendations for navigating its sweeping landscape to help current and future students to find their way to becoming part of the larger disciplinary community.

About the Editors

Kyle McIntosh is Assistant Professor of English and Writing at the University of Tampa, where he teaches ESL Writing, First-Year Writing, and TESOL courses. He has published articles, chapters, and book reviews in the Asian Journal of English Language Teaching, Critical Inquiry in Language Study, The Journal of English for Academic Purposes, and The Companion to Language Assessment.

Carolina Pelaez-Morales is Assistant Professor of Writing & TESOL at Columbus State University, where she teaches courses in TESOL and First-Year Composition and helps coordinate a TESOL certificate and an ESOL endorsement program. Her most recent research article was published by TESOL press, but her research has also appeared in Critical Inquiry in Language Studies and INTESOL Journal.

Tony Silva directs the Graduate Program in Second Language Studies/ESL in the Department of English at Purdue University, where he teaches graduate courses for PhD, MA, and Certificate students and writing support courses for graduate and undergraduate international students. He has authored, co-authored, or co-edited numerous books and articles and is currently a member of the TESOL Board of Directors.



1 Introduction by Kyle McIntosh, Carolina Pelaez-Morales, and Tony Silva
2 "Second Language Writing Dissertations at Doctoral Level Universities: The Case of Indiana University of Pennsylvania" by Dan J. Tannacito
3 "On My Initiation into the Field of Second Language Writing" by Karen A. Power
4 "Doctoring Yourself: Seven Steps" by Alister Cumming
5 "Doctoring Myself: Observation, Interaction, and Action" by Luxin Yang
6 "The Will to Build: Mentoring Doctoral Students in Second Language Writing" Paul Kei Matsuda
7 "Choices in Identity Building as an L2 Writing Specialist: Investment and Perseverance" Tanita Saenkhum
8 "From Doctoral Education to the Tenure Track: Lessons and Observations from the Journey" by Christina Ortmeier-Hooper
9 "The PhD Process as Activity" by Wei Zhu
10 "The PhD Process as Growing in a Community" by Iona Sarieva
11 "Knowledge Consumer to Knowledge Producer: Preliminary Exams and the Prospectus (A Dialogue)" by Tony Cimasko and Tony Silva

About the Editors.

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