Critical Conversations About Plagiarism

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Edited by Michael Donnelly, Rebecca Ingalls, Tracy Ann Morse, Joanna Castner Post, and Anne Meade Stockdell-Giesler

Lenses on Composition Studies
Edited by Sheryl I. Fontaine and Steve Westbrook

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Most treatments of plagiarism as part of undergraduate education deal with the issue in an overly simplistic and misleading fashion, tending to imply that plagiarism is a concept easily understood and easily avoided, casting the problem as an ethical issue—a choice between honesty and dishonesty—and/or as a technical issue, best avoided by attention to appropriate citation formats.

Edited by Michael Donnelly, Rebecca Ingalls, Tracy Ann Morse, Joanna Castner Post, and Anne Meade Stockdell-Giesler, Critical Conversations About Plagiarism instead invites students and teachers to engage in deep, critical discussions about a complicated topic in ways that are both accessible and intellectually challenging. The essays address a range of complex, interrelated ideas, concepts, and issues: theories about knowledge creation and ideas about authorship; issues of collaboration, borrowing, remixing, and plagiarism; copyright and intellectual property; historical constructions of authorship; student and teacher identities and roles; cross-cultural perspectives on plagiarism; and the impact of new technologies. Contributors include Phillip Marzluf, Jessica Reyman, Esra Mirze Santesso, Paul Parker, Richard Schur, Martine Courant Rife, Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Deborah Harris-Moore, Sean Zwagerman, Bridget M. Marshall, Rachel Knaizer, Lise Buranen, and Anne-Marie Pedersen.
Rather than speak down to students about what they don’t know or understand, these essays invite students to explore and discuss in depth the controversies about plagiarism that writers constantly negotiate across a variety of contexts. Critical Conversations About Plagiarism makes such discussions accessible to undergraduate and graduate students, and, at the same time, it provides teachers with tools for facilitating those conversations.

Critical Conversations About Plagiarism is the second volume in Parlor Press’s Lenses on Composition Studies series, which features texts written specifically for upper-level undergraduate and entry-level graduate courses in composition studies.

About the Editors

Michael Donnelly is Assistant Professor of English at Ball State University, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in rhetoric and writing. Rebecca Ingalls is Assistant Professor and Director of the Freshman Writing Program at Drexel University. Tracy Ann Morse is Director of Writing Foundations and Assistant Professor in the Department of English at East Carolina University. Joanna Castner Post  is Associate Professor of Writing and Writing Center Director at the University of Central Arkansas. Anne Meade Stockdell-Giesler formerly taught at Boston University and the University of Tampa and now works independently as an editor, writer, and copyeditor.


Part I. Definitions of Plagiarism: Distinctions, Laws, and Rules
1 Examining Teachers’ and Students’ Attitudes towards Plagiarism
     Phillip Marzluf     
2  Plagiarism vs. Copyright Law: Is All Copying Theft?
     Jessica Reyman     
3  Art and the Question of Borrowing: Approaches to Plagiarism in Literature Courses
     Esra Mirze Santesso         
4  From Rules to Judgment: Exploring the Plagiarism Threshold in Academic Writing
     Paul Parker
End of Part I Questions

Part II. Texts, Technologies, and Surveillance
5  Sampling Is Theft? Creativity and Citation after Hip Hop
     Richard Schur        
6  Teaching Plagiarism: Remix as Composing
     Martine Courant Rife and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss          
7  Instructors as Surveyors, Students as Criminals: Turnitin and the Culture of Suspicion
     Deborah Harris-Moore     
8  A Marked Resemblance: Students, Teachers, and the Dynamics of Plagiarism
     Sean Zwagerman
End of Part II Questions        

Part III. Authorship and Ownership: Cultural and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
9  Who Cares about Plagiarism? Cheating and Consequences in the Pop Culture Classroom
     Bridget M. Marshall         
10  Finding the Source: The Roots and Problems of Plagiarism
     Rachel Knaizer      
11  Plagiarism and Cross-Cultural Mythology
     Lise Buranen         
12  Thinking Globally about Plagiarism: International Academic Writers’ Perspectives
     Anne-Marie Pedersen
End of Part III Questions  

About the Editors and Contributors

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