Writing Posthumanism, Posthuman Writing

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Edited by Sidney I. Dobrin

New Media Theory
Series Editor, Byron Hawk

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Christopher Guest, Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 32 (2017).


Writing Posthumanism, Posthuman Writing turns the posthumanist gaze upon writing. Ultimately, this collection considered the relationship between posthumanisms and writing with the aim of developing posthumanist theories of writing, theoretical possibilities generated from the dialectic between them.  Each of the sixteen contributors embraces the complexities and nascence of the very idea of posthumanism and the posthuman as indicative of the rich potential of inquiry under the posthuman umbrella. They provide more incentive to fragment the umbrella than to coalesce its subsumptions. Edited by Sidney I. Dobrin, Writing Posthumanism, Posthuman Writing  does not sum up or even dampen posthuman writing theories by curating them. Instead, these essays can be read as a jailbreak, as a public act of defiance, as an attempt to incite and disrupt Writing Studies from the constraints of humanist thought. Contributors include Michelle Ballif, Kate Birdsall, Bruce Clarke, D. Diane Davis, Julie Drew, Kristie S. Fleckenstien, Byron Hawk, Kyle Jensen, Chris Lindgren, Melissa M. Littlefield, Andrew Mara, Sean Morey, J. A. Rice, Jim Ridolfo, and Lynn Worsham. They write about symbol-using animals, trauma studies, zombies, postsexual subjects, prosthetic spaces, posthumanist style, human and nonhuman actors, technological deism, object-oriented rhetorics, graphology and neuroscience, spam, cyborgs, cybernetics, and more.

About the Editor

Sidney I. Dobrin is Professor of English and Director/Editor of the TRACE Innovation Initiative at the University of Florida. He is author and editor of many books and articles, including Gone. Fishing. Recreational Saltwater Sportfishing and the Future of the World's Oceans (forthcoming, Texas A&M University Press).


Introduction by Sidney I. Dobrin "Moving Beyond the Logic of Sacrifice: Animal Studies, Trauma Studies, and the Path to Posthumanism" by Lynn Worsham
"Writing-Being: Another Look at the "Symbol-Using Animal'" by D. Diane Davis
"Zombies / Writing: Awaiting Our Posthumous, Monstrous (Be)Coming" by Michelle Ballif
"Wanting Ourselves: Writing (And) The Postsexual Subject" by Kate Birdsall and Julie Drew
"Becoming T@iled" by Sean Morey
"Inscriptions of the Possible; or, A Pedagogy of Posthumanist Style" by J. A. Rice
"Rethinking Human and Non-Human Actors as a Strategy for Rhetorical Delivery" by Jim Ridolfo
"Utopian Laptop Initiatives: From Technological Deism to Object-Oriented Rhetoric" by Byron Hawk, Chris Lindgren, and Andrew Mara
"From Handwriting to 'Brain' Writing: Graphology and the Neuroscientific Turn" by Melissa M. Littlefield
"I am Spam; A Posthuman Approach to Writer's Block" by Kyle Jensen
"Cyborg Vision for Cyborg Writing" by Kristie S. Fleckenstien
"Evolutionary Equality: Neocybernetic Posthumanism and Margulis and Sagan's Writing Practice" by Bruce Clarke

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