So What's New at Parlor Press?

Our website, for one. As some of you have noticed, we have been in "maintenance mode" for a few days while we have completed the transition to a new website. The conversion is complete, and our site now offers many more possibilities for connecting authors, readers, editors, and others to each other across the network. Our e-commerce system is entirely new and more secure than ever, so we hope our readers find the process of buying books easier. The site is now run by Drupal (ver. 6.8), the excellent and powerful open source content management system. Our integrated e-commerce system is run by Ubercart, the Drupal module, which is also fantastic (we speak from considerable experience on this!). Our new payment gateway is PayPal, which gives customers numerous options. The whole site is now more closely knit and searchable so we expect that people will see just how much we have grown recently and in spite of the many obstacles facing scholarly presses recently.

So what now? If you're here for the first time, you can browse our catalogs, check out new releases, read some (free) excellent books right here in iPaper format, add books to your shopping cart (er, book bag), check out our fifteen book series, two of which are made public for the first time right now: Perspectives on Writing (edited by Mike Palmquist, in the form of another publishing collaboration between Parlor Press and the WAC Clearinghouse) and Rhetoric of Science and Technology, edited by Alan Gross. All of our books are now also featured in lightboxes, so click on one anywhere to get a good look at the cover or to visit the book's node. (Try clicking on one of the books in our banner to see what we mean.) Our series pages (now fifteen total) are new and improved as well. You might check out our new Animoto--Parlor Press 2008: Bazaar!--which highlights titles newly published in 2008 or our list of forthcoming books.

What's really "new"? Aside from the interface and e-commerce system (saving us substantial time on the back-end, believe me), it's mostly potential. Over the next few weeks, we will be integrating author blogs, a major new blog on sustainable scholarly publishing in the digital age (called "Book It!"), new technologies for collaboration, more free, CC-licensed and iPaper (Scribd) content, and more publishing partners. One of our goals is to achieve and demonstrate the impact Parlor Press authors and books have on the world. It is substantial (there are more than 250 of them now) and grows daily. Readers can now create accounts at the site so that they can comment on books and other content, subscribe to RSS feeds, receive automatic content notifications (if desired, of course), and more. Authors can find easier access to information about the development, production, and promotion process, including links to new technologies that help collaboration, document cycling, and other editorial work in the Author Parlor. Very soon, we will be launching an integrated calender so that we can broadcast important author events (like readings, keynotes, and other author appearances) and other milestones.

I hope you let us know what you think and will share your suggestions. (Be sure to register for an account first!)

Onward! (To borrow a gesture from now thrice-Parlored author, Graeme Harper (AKA Brooke Biaz)
David Blakesley