Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing Volume 3

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Edited by Dana Driscoll, Mary Stewart, and Matthew Vetter

Writing Spaces
Series Editors: Dana Driscoll, Mary Stewart, and Matthew Vetter

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Volumes in Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing offer multiple perspectives on a wide range of topics about writing. In each chapter, authors present their unique views, insights, and strategies for writing by addressing the undergraduate reader directly. Drawing on their own experiences, these teachers-as-writers invite students to join in the larger conversation about the craft of writing. Consequently, each essay functions as a standalone text that can easily complement other selected readings in first year writing or writing-intensive courses across the disciplines at any level.

Volume 3 continues the tradition of previous volumes with topics such as voice and style in writing, rhetorical appeals, discourse communities, multimodal composing, visual rhetoric, credibility, exigency, working with personal experience in academic writing, globalized writing and rhetoric, constructing scholarly ethos, imitation and style, and rhetorical punctuation. 

All volumes in the series are published under a Creative Commons license and available for download at the Writing Spaces website (www.writingspaces.org), Parlor Press (www.parlorpress.com/), and the WAC Clearinghouse (wac.colostate.edu/).


1 Punctuation’s Rhetorical Effects
Kevin Cassell

2 Understanding Visual Rhetoric
Jenae Cohn

3 How to Write Meaningful Peer Response Praise
Ron DePeter

4 Writing with Force and Flair
William T. FitzGerald

5 An Introduction to and Strategies for Multimodal Composing
Melanie Gagich

6 Grammar, Rhetoric, and Style
Craig Hulst

7 Understanding Discourse Communities
Dan Melzer

8 The Evolution of Imitation: Building Your Style
Craig A. Meyer

9 Constructing Scholarly Ethos in the Writing Classroom
Kathleen J. Ryan

10 Writing in Global Contexts: Composing Usable Texts for Audiences from Different Cultures
Kirk St.Amant

11 Weaving Personal Experience into Academic Writing
Marjorie Stewart

12 Exigency: What Makes My Message Indispensable to My Reader
Quentin Vieregge

13 Assessing Source Credibility for Crafting a Well-Informed Argument
Kate Warrington, Natasha Kovalyova, and Cindy King

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