Series Editors: Sergio Figueiredo, Jason Helms, and Anastasia Salter

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The Comics and Graphic Narratives series publishes research and creative work addressing the theories, practices, and applications of graphic narratives across a range of disciplines in the arts and humanities. This series aims to supplement the study the formal, aesthetic, poetic, and experimental approaches to sequential art. As Charles Hatfield and Ozge Samanci both note, treating comics and other forms of graphic narrative may be most fruitful when the form is considered as a genre that does something rather than as a medium defined by technical criteria. 

This series aspires to publish books in forms that have yet to be imagined. We welcome proposals that include innovative approaches to media and comics, particularly comics as scholarship, web comics (with their infinite and interactive canvases), and multimodal scholarly art objects. We seek to interrogate comics and graphics narrative both as a subject and method of scholarship, building on existing work of experimental scholars, such as Nick Sousanis. We value innovation, rigor, argument, and transdisciplinary inclusivity. We realize that comics create opportunities to explore accessibility across various abilities and to a variety of intersecting publics. 

Possible Topics

  • Webcomics and digital distribution 
  • Born-digital graphic narratives
  • Writing and producing comics
  • Single-panel comics
  • Social and political comics and graphic narratives
  • Comic adaptations and transmedia experiences
  • Comics in popular media
  • Comics and historiography
  • Comics and accessibility
  • Comics and the arts
  • Cultural wars and moral panics in comics
  • Zines, subcultures, and alternative presses
  • Gender representations and inclusivity
  • Identity constructions in comics and graphic narratives
  • Comics and sexuality in erotic and nonerotic comics
  • Constructions of race in comics
  • International comics and graphic narrative theory

The series editors welcome unformed and early concepts for experimental approaches. Send those or other queries to the series editors by email:

Sergio Figueiredo

Jason Helms 

Anastasia Salter

Complete proposals should follow the submission guidelines here.

About the Editors

Sergio Figueiredo is Associate Professor of Media and Rhetoric in the Department of English at Kennesaw State University. He is the author of Inventing Comics: A New Translation of Rodolphe Töpffer Reflections on Graphic Storytelling, Media Rhetorics, and Aesthetic Practice (2017).

Jason Helms is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Texas Christian University. He is the author of Rhizcomics: Rhetoric, Technology, and New Media Composition (2017), winner of the Kairos Best Webtext Award 2018.

Anastasia Salter is an Associate Professor of Games and Interactive Media and Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Central Florida, and author of: What is Your Quest? From Adventure Games to Interactive Books (University of Iowa Press, August 2014), Flash: Building the Interactive Web (MIT Press, August 2014, with John Murray);Jane Jensen: Gabriel Knight, Adventure Games, Hidden Objects (Bloomsbury, April 2017); Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Policing (Palgrave Macmillan, December 2017, with Bridget Blodgett); and Adventure Games: Playing the Outsider (Bloomsbury, February 2020, with Aaron Reed and John Murray).