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Paul Kei Matsuda
Arizona State University

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SECOND LANGUAGE WRITING emerged in the late twentieth century as an interdisciplinary field of inquiry, and an increasing number of researchers from various related fields—including applied linguistics, communication, composition studies, and education—have come to identify themselves as second language writing specialists. The Second Language Writing series aims to facilitate the advancement of knowledge in the field of second language writing by publishing scholarly and research-based monographs and edited collections that provide significant new insights into central topics and issues in the field.

This Series seeks submissions that expand, refine or challenge the existing knowledge in the field by using various modes of inquiry, such as philosophical, historical, empirical (quantitative and qualitative) and narrative. Some of the possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the nature, backgrounds, and characteristics of second or foreign language writing and writers;
  • issues in second language writing instruction, assessment, and program administration;
  • the experience of second language writers, writing teachers, and writing program administrators;
  • institutional policies, politics, and practices that affect second language writers;
  • instructional practices in various institutional and disciplinary contexts;
  • implications of technological innovations on second language writing;
  • the relevance of theories developed in other fields;
  • the definition and historical development of the field and its relationship with other fields; and
  • approaches to inquiry in studying second language writing and writers.

Manuscripts that explore the implications of second language writing issues in other related fields are also welcome.

Following the common practice in the field, submissions to this Series should follow the current APA style.

Submission and Contact Information

Paul Kei Matsuda
Arizona State University
Department of English
PO Box 871401
Tempe, AZ 85287-1401

Review our full submission guidelines here.

Your proposal should outline the rationale and projected audience for the book and its relation to other books in the field; include the book's table of contents or a chapter outline, the estimated length and the timetable for completion, and the introduction and (if available) a sample chapter. Please also send the CV of the author(s) or editor(s).

Books in the Series

Professionalizing Second Language Writing, edited by Paul Kei Matsuda, Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, and Katherine Daily O’Meara (2017)

Graduate Studies in Second Language Writing, edited by Kyle McIntosh, Carolina Pelaez-Morales, and Tony Silva (2015)

Scientific Writing in a Second Language by David Ian Hanauer and Karen Englander (2013)

Foreign Language Writing Instruction: Principles and Practices, edited by Tony Cimasko and Melinda Reichelt (2011)

Practicing Theory in Second Language Writing, edited by Tony Silva and Paul Kei Matsuda (2010)

The Politics of Second Language Writing: In Search of the Promised Land, edited by Paul Kei Matsuda, Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, and Xiaoye You (2006)

Building Genre Knowledge by Christine M. Tardy (2009)

    About the Series Editor

    Paul Kei MatsudaPaul Kei Matsuda is Professor of English and Director of Second Language Writing at Arizona State University, where he works closely with doctoral students specializing in second language writing. He is co-founding chair of the Symposium on Second Language Writing and editor of the Parlor Press Series on Second Language Writing. He has also served as the President of the American Association for Applied Linguistics. He has published widely on the history, definition and identity of the field of second language writing and on topics such as identity and voice in writing, intercultural rhetoric, language differences, and writing program administration.