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Landscape with Tournament and Hunters"Landscape with Tournament and Hunters" by Jan van Scorel, Netherlandish, 1495-1562. Art Institute of Chicago. CC0 Public Domain Designation.

Orlando knight

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The Renaissance and Medieval Studies series focuses on editions and translations of primary texts of the Renaissance and earlier. The series also offers an outlet for electronic distribution of supplementary material for each printed volume from art history, film, and the history of the book.

Submission and Contact Information

Queries should be directed to Professor Ross at rosscs@purdue.edu or by mail at Department of English, Purdue University, 500 Oval Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47906. Questions can also be sent to Parlor Press at editor@parlorpress.com. For detailed submission and prospectus guidelines, see our Submissions page.

Books in the Series

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The Labyrinth of Love: Selected Sonnets and Other Poems by Pierre de Ronsard.
Translated and edited by Henry Weinfield

Arcadia, by Sir Philip Sidney.
A Restoration in Contemporary English of the Complete 1593 Edition of The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia by Charles Stanley Ross and Joel B. Davis, with an Essay on Musical Settings for the Poems by Edward Abe Plough.

Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte Darthur: A New Modern English Translation Based on the Winchester Manuscript
Edited and translated by Dorsey Armstrong

Orlando Innamorato [Orlando in Love] by Matteo Maria Boiardo
Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Charles Stanley Ross

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