Series Editors
Jessica Enoch, University of Maryland
Sharon Yam, University of Kentucky

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Sharon Yam (Associate Professor, U of Kentucky) and Jessica Enoch (Professor, U of Maryland) are the new series editors to Parlor Press’s Studies in Rhetorics and Feminisms. They look forward to carrying forward the groundbreaking work initiated by series co-founders Cheryl Glenn and Shirley Logan. Since 2002, Glenn and Logan developed and published over thirty books situated at the nexus of feminisms and rhetorics, many of which earned prizes from the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Yam and Enoch welcome submissions. Please see the series description below. —12 February 2024

STUDIES IN RHETORICS AND FEMINISMS promotes and amplifies the inter/transdisciplinarity of rhetorics and feminisms by connecting rhetorical inquiry and criticism with vital academic, sociopolitical, and economic concerns. Books in the series explore enduring questions of rhetoric’s rich and complex histories (globally and locally), as well as rhetoric’s relevance to current public exigencies of social justice, power, opportunity, inclusion, equity, and diversity. This attention to interdisciplinarity, gender, and power has transformed the rhetorical tradition as we have known it (white, Western, upper-class, public, powerful, mostly political, antagonistic, and delivered by men) into regendered, inclusionary rhetorics (democratic, deliberative, diverse, collaborative, private, and intersectional). Our cultural, political, and intellectual advancements continue to be enriched by explorations into the varied ways rhetorics and feminisms intersect and interanimate each other at the same time that they take us in fresh political, cultural, scientific, communicative, and pedagogical directions.

The series editors seek both high-quality traditional and cutting-edge scholarly work that extends the significant relationship between rhetoric and feminism within various genres and genders, cultural contexts, historical periods, methodologies, theoretical positions, and modalities (e.g., print, spoken, embodied, visual, verbal, digital). 

Since its founding by Cheryl Glenn and Shirley Wilson Logan in 2002, the series has published over thirty books, many of which have earned prizes from the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. These scholarly works continue to be foundational to the expansion (and illumination) of rhetorical traditions and practices, particularly those that are fueled by (proto)feminist theories and concomitant political issues.

Submission and Contact Information

Queries should be directed to Jess Enoch ( and Shui-yin Sharon Yam (

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Your proposal should outline the rationale and projected audience for the book and its relation to other books in the field; include the book's table of contents or a chapter outline, the estimated length and the timetable for completion, and the introduction and (if available) a sample chapter. Please also send the CV of the author(s) or editor(s).

Photo of Jessica EnochAbout the Editors

Jessica Enoch is Professor of English and Director of the Academic Writing Program at the University of Maryland. Her recent publications include Domestic Occupations: Spatial Rhetorics and Women's Work; Mestiza Rhetorics: An Anthology of Mexicana Activism in the Spanish-Language Press, 1887-1922 (co-edited with Cristina Ramírez), Women at Work: Rhetorics of Gender and Labor (co-edited with David Gold), and Retellings: Opportunities for Feminist Research in Rhetoric and Composition Studies (co-edited with Jordynn Jack). Domestic Occupations won the Winifred Bryan Horner Outstanding Book Award in 2020. Her work has appeared in such outlets as Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Rhetoric Review, Quarterly Journal of Speech, College English, and College Composition and Communication. She has served on the Executive Boards for the Conference on College Composition and Communication and Rhetoric Society of America; Enoch currently serves as the president of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition. 

Photo of Sharon YamShui-yin Sharon Yam is Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, Director of Social Theory, and Affiliate Faculty of Gender and Women’s Studies and the Center for Equality and Social Justice at the University of Kentucky. She is the recipient of the 2024 Feminist Scholar of the Year Award from the Organization for Feminist Research in Gender and Communication, and the 2020 RSA Fellows’ Early Career Award. Her book Inconvenient Strangers: Transnational Subjects and the Politics of Citizenship won the 2021 CCCC Outstanding Book Award and was shortlisted for the 2019 RSA Book Award. Her research focuses on questions of identity, citizenship, affect, race, and reproductive justice.  Her public writing can be found in outlets such as Foreign Policy, the New York Times, Hong Kong Free Press, and The Diplomat.