Series Editor
Jeanne Moskal
University of North Carolina

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The Writing Travel series ran from 2005 to 2011 and published work in the new field of travel studies. The series published
  • Editions of out-of-print travel books or previously unpublished travel memoirs
  • English translations of important travel books in other languages
  • Theoretical and historical treatments of ways in which travel and travel writing engage such questions as religion, nationalism/cosmopolitanism, and empire; gender and sexuality; race, ethnicity, and immigration; and the history of the book, print culture, and translation
  • Biographies of significant travelers or groups of travelers (including but not limited to pilgrims, missionaries, anthropologists, tourists, explorers, immigrants)
  • Critical studies of the works of significant travelers or groups of travelers
  • Pedagogy of travel and travel literature and its place in curricula
  • Original travel writing that explicitly engages its generic precedents or the historically complicated conditions of travel.